Modern, functional and extensible CRM your team will love
Modern, functional and extensible CRM your team will love
Entryc CRM built to be used less. Automate tasks, workflows and more, so you can focus less on the software and more on your customers.
All in one app
Improve sales, profitability and build long-term customer relationships with Entryc CRM.
  • Easy to use from all devices
  • Incredibly flexible and customizable
  • Automations and Reminders
  • Teams and user permissions
Advanced reports and charts
With Entryc CRM you can create reports and charts and present them to your team
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Exportable reports
  • Multiple chart types
  • Presentations of reports for your team
Custom grid records
Modify the display of the grid list of records according to your needs.
  • Select columns and sort
  • Show results based on filters, period and visibility.
  • Search for the record you want
  • Grid list by user

Integration with call centers

*Any other call center has an API
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